[May, 2004] Drawing - "Eureeka! A Goose Egg Nugget!"

This (final) preliminary drawing of Scrooge mining gold in Klondyke is on a circa 10" x 8" (ca. 25 cm x 20 cm) vellum sheet, and done in blue pencil.

This drawing is the same size as the final oil painting. It's probably the FINAL transfer drawing !! Barks made MANY preliminaries used to finalize this setup.

It was sold at 1,450$ with the framing.

[December, 2002] Preliminary - "I May Have To Spend Some Of This Stuff"

This preliminary drawing of Scrooge sitting in his "Money Bin" is on a 10" x 8" (ca. 25 cm x 21,25 cm) vellum sheet, and done in blue pencil. Scrooge is about 4" tall (11,25 cm).

This was referred to as being purchased at the "Carl Barks Gallery".

This drawing is a bit smaller than the final pencil-drawing. It's one of (up to) 7 preliminaries used to finalize the final drawing.

It was offered for sale at an internet auction with a "Buy It Now" price at 695$. This option was used after only 8 hours and 5 minutes after the auction opened!

[July, 2002] Oil Painting - "Flying Dutchman"

This painting of the ducks "at sea" is numbered 25-72 (Barks' own code). It was made in 1972, and is the 3rd of 4 of the "Flying Dutchman" oil paintings. The measures is 18" x 24" (ca. 45 x 60 cm).

The auction began at 48000$, and was estimated at 80,000-120,000$. The auction closed at 70,000$, so the total end price including a buyers premium was 80,500$

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