The ultimate Carl Barks collectibles price database

The background for making the "CARLBARKS.WS Auctionprices" database is to give collectors a good tool if they want to buy or sell a Carl Barks item. This could be a lithograph or porcelain figurine from Another Rainbow. Mabe a bronze or serigraph from Carl Barks Studio. Or other items from Carl Barks' hand!

Hopefully it's also (along with other parts of this website) contributing to getting knowledge out wider, and creating a higher interest in these colletibles - along with new collectors...

Auction details from 2004 and forward are entered in the database. Data are collected from various auction sites on the internet! In the first years, only selected data was added, but now I try to enter as much data as I can find with my timelimit. If you know of a Carl Barks auction which is not entered in the database, you are more than welcome to email me the details, preferrably with a link also. Improvement ideas are also welcome :o)

Database statistics: