The story about the ENTER page drawing !!

- drawn by Boudewijn Simons from The Netherlands -

After the 'early' days of this website, it needed a complete make-over, including an ENTER-page. For that I thought it would be a great idea to get a drawing of Barks and Scrooge made - specifically designed for my site!

I got in contact with the freelance Disney artist Boudewijn Simons from The Netherlands, who made a few Duckcomics that have been published in the Dutch Donald Duck weekly magazine. His works for Disney have also been published in other Disney magazines in countries like Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Finland, Latvia, Norway, Poland and Sweden. Boudewijn was willing to create a drawing based on my ideas, which initially was (note/thought form ?):
Scrooge, in his money-bin (vault or office) being happy, like a characteristic-drawing (or: a charicature), mabe? Doing something, anything.

My creative work continued. I had planned that it should be in the money-bin (where else??), either in the vault itself or in the office. The lucky coin should be displayed in the glass jar as I had seen in many, many stories. Those were about my ideas for the 'set'.
Mr. Barks should sit in Scrooge's office chair relaxing after all his hard work, then Scrooge should come in and yell at him for being there. I'm not sure how I got that idea, but I think at the time, I was inspired by Charles Dickens' "Ebenezer Scrooge"...

When looking back, I believe my idea was a bit 'off'. So, together with Boudewijn, it was changed into: Barks and Uncle Scrooge together in the office, shaking each others hands, Scrooge - standing on the desk - giving Barks a nice pat on the back for his accomplichements... Including display of lucky-coin, coins on floor and vault-door to be seen.

If you click on the 'work-in-progress' drawings to the right, you can see them in a larger size!

Thank you, Boudewijn Simons for making this drawing!!

Link to Boudewijn's website is:

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